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Rolling Door & Security - Folding Gate & Security
Folding Gates are your No. 1 Loss Prevention Solution.
Single Folding gate secures loading docks, receiving doors, hallways, garage doors, or other entrances without sacrificing access, visibility or air circulation.

By providing better air & light flow, increased security and safety, Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel gates help make a healthier, more secure, safer warehouse, workplace or school.

Note: Gates close and lock on one side only. Single gates include a locking bar to be placed on opposite side of opening from gate.
Folding Gates prevent sensitive and secure environments from potential theft, pilfering, and trespassing. The physical barrier is a cost effective, natural deterrent.

Increase Employee Comfort: Folding Gates create a barrier while still allowing fresh air to flow into your facility. This creates a more comfortable work environment.

Adaptability: Available in single gates for openings up to 7'  wide and in double gates up to 24' wide, Folding Gates have you covered no matter what your opening requirement is.

Mounting: L brackets promote two mounting styles: in-jamb or face of wall mount. If a Folding Gate needs to be mounted outside of an existing garage door, optional 6", 9" or 12" extension brackets are available.

Construction: Our folding gates are made of 1 1/2" wide 14 gauge heavy duty aluminum channel or Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel, riveted back to back with solid rivets. We use 2"  angle for upright gate rails that resist abuse and last longer than thinner alternatives. Our drop pins are made of 5/8" round rod and our casters are hard rubber.
The Only Folding Gates Made with Heavy-Duty Aluminum or Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel. That means they stand up to 4-season weather like heat, rain and snow. And they won't be harmed by harsh industrial chemicals and cleaners.

The Strongest, Most Secure Folding Gates you can buy.  They provide the most strength and security of any folding gate on the market.

Riveted Back to Back with Aircraft Quality Rivets. They'll withstand more stress and they won't ever rust, and that means the rivets won't crack and the webbing won't separate.

Our Aluminum Folding Gates Pivot 180 Degrees on Their Mountings. So they pivot completely out of the opening, leaving it completely clear of obstructions.

Aluminum Folding Gates or Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel gates can be installed virtually anywhere and any way you need them, including... inside door jambs, outside door jambs, between posts or bollards, attached to pallet racks, between walls and even on windows!

And they're easy to install. You can install our folding gates in less than 30 minutes!

By providing better air and light flow, and increased security and safety,  folding gates can help make a healthier workplace, a safer school, or a more secure warehouse.

Our aluminum folding gates and Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel gates come with brackets, washers, sleeve anchors and casters.

Facil de usar, permite la visibilidad y es muy durable. Estos acordiones vienen en color galvanizado.
Las rejas de acordion son la solucion numero 1 para prevenir perdidas