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Rolling Door & Security - Folding Gate & Security
Portable Security Gate Products are perfect for providing temporary access control in any area - including entryways, hallways - anywhere!.

Portable Security Gates Roll Away, Out of Sight When Not In Use. Making them perfect for temporary access control. Seal off access to any area temporarily and still allow multiple entry points.

Same easy set up, visibility and durability, these gates come in a silver aluminum finish or galvanized finish.
Folding Gates are your No. 1 Loss Prevention Solution.
Portable Security Gates extend up to 24' and are a quick and easy way to seal off any area.

The Only Portable Security Gate Made With Heavy-Duty Aluminum or Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel. That means they withstand year round weather like heat, rain and snow. They won't be harmed by harsh industrial chemicals or cleaners either.

Portable Security Gates Roll Away, Out of Sight When Not In Use. Making them perfect for temporary access control. Seal off access to any area temporarily and still allow multiple entry points.

They're Riveted Back to Back with Aircraft Quality Rivets. They'll hold up to more stress and they wont ever rust, they won't crack and the webbing won't separate.

Need a Custom Portable Security Gate? No Problem! - no matter what your situation is, we can build a gate to your specs.

Portable Security Gates can be used virtually anywhere and any way you need them, including, sealing school hallways, closing elevator banks, restricting access in offices, factories or warehouses. And they're easy to collapse, allowing open, easy access again. And when collapsed they'll go through any doorway and can be stored in a closet!
Portable folding security gates are accordion like barriers that expand to block off a restricted area such as a workspace, a hallway, or a storage area.  They provide safety and security while allowing air to circulate freely through the area.  Scissor gates like these offer the added advantage of portability.  They can be moved to the entrance of any room or hallway and setup within minutes.

Restricting specific areas from unauthorized personnel has always had its associated challenges.  The biggest challenge has been ventilation.  Solid barriers prohibit air flow to the interior.  This can pose problems for the storage of certain chemicals that require cooler temperatures to remain non-volatile.  Solid barriers are heavy and take longer to setup and remove.  Finally, some areas, such as hallways and outdoor service areas cannot be effectively by large solid gates, walls, or doors.

In some cases as well, a solid barrier can actually work against security.  Guards and cameras cannot detect intrusion from other access points if a large door or solid gate is blocking the main entrance to the area.

Portable folding security gates are specifically designed to meet the challenges associated with blocking off restricted areas that require visibility and ventilation.

Due to the maneuverability, portability, and ease of installation these scissor gates feature, two individual units can be joined together to secure any indoor or outdoor area with a wide entrance.

Retailers and retail distribution centers use scissor gates to restrict access to inventory that is not yet scheduled for stocking.  Malls and strip centers use them to block access to areas under remodel, or that are in the process of being cleaned.

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities routinely use portable folding security gates to block unauthorized access to work rooms, heavy machinery, and sensitive material storage. 

Secure areas while allowing quick access when you need it

Gates help you make a safer, better ventilated, more secure location

Gates can easily close an area during loading or other activities

Control access to evidence or other sensitive areas

Portable and fully installed models available

Easily installed without special tools
Las rejas movibles son perfectas para proveer temporal control de acceso en cualquier area - incluido entradas, pasillos o en cualquier lugar que sea necesario.

Facil de usar, permite la visibilidad y es muy durable. Estos acordiones vienen en color galvanizado.
Las rejas de acordion son la solucion numero 1 para prevenir perdidas
La unica  super resistente  reja de acordion  hecha de aluminio