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Rolling Door & Security - Folding Gate & Security
We offer the industry’s ONLY heavy-duty folding gates made of Rust Resistant Aluminum Alloy. Aluminum folding gates stand up to weather better than galvanized steel folding gates - because they are aluminum they’re completely rust resistant- and they look better and last longer!
Aluminum folding gates are the strongest folding dock door gates you can buy. They stand up to weather - they’re rust resistant- and they look better and last longer! Our aluminum gates offer the ultimate in rust resistance, much greater than galvanized finish or paint. That means they’ll be virtually maintenance free.

No other manufacturer makes heavy-duty folding security gates using aluminum. Other types of folding gates rust and require maintenance and painting-that means more work for you, less security and a higher total cost of ownership.
Folding Gates are your No. 1 Loss Prevention Solution.
Door gates fit smaller door openings than standard single width gates

These gates are built to secure doors, and can be mounted on the left or right side, in the casing or on the door facing

Folding gate secures loading docks, receiving doors, hallways, garage doors, or other entrances without sacrificing access, visibility or air circulation.

By providing better air & light flow, increased security and safety, Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel gates help make a healthier, more secure, safer warehouse, workplace or school.

Door Security Gates Provide Security for Entryways up to 4 feet wide.

Door gates offer access during the day and added security at night, and are perfect for securing high-traffic hallways or entryways in any type of business or industry.

Door gates can be installed in any doorway up to 48"W, inside or outside of the jamb, in less than 30 minutes. Folding door gates can be mounted left or right and are hinged to pivot completely out of the way when collapsed to provide safe door openings, 100% clear of obstructions. Gates lock to the wall with a padlock hasp (padlock sold separately) and locking bar.
Folding Door Gates are ideal for providing access control and security for entryways up to 4 feet wide. Folding Door Gates are perfect for securing high-traffic hallways or entryways in any type of business or industry.

The Only Folding Door Gates Made Wit Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel. They'll withstand any type of weather like heat, rain and snow. They also stand up to harsh industrial chemicals and cleaners.

We Rivet Our Gates Back to Back with Aircraft Quality Rivets. They'll hold up to more stress, they won't rust - ever - and they won't crack and the webbing won't separate.

Folding Door Gates Are Hinged and Can Be Mounted Left or Right - they collapse and pivot completely out of the way, providing safe door openings, 100% clear of obstructions.

Folding Door Gates can be installed in any doorway up to 48” wide, inside or outside the jamb.

And they're easy to install. You can install our gates in less than 30 minutes!

Folding Door Gates are perfect for securing high-traffic hallways or entryways in any type of business or industry. These gates pivot on hinges, so they open in or out, just like a door, but also provide the enhanced air circulation and visibility of a standard folding gate.

The increased security of folding door gates means less theft and reduced loss prevention costs. And that means a healthier workplace, a safer school, and a more secure warehouse.
Las rejas de acordion son la solucion numero 1 para prevenir perdidas
Las rejas de acordion aseguran las zonas de cargas, las puertas recibir o despachar materiales, pasillos, garages y otros puntos de entrada sin sacrificar el acceso, la visibilidad o la ventilacion.

Al proveer mejor ventilacion y claridad, incrementan la seguridad, los folding gates de cero galvanizado ayudan a mantener un ambiente saludable y mas seguridad en almacenes, lugares de trabajo, escuelas etc.

Las rejas tipo acordion para puertas de entradas se fabrican hasta 4 pies de ancho

Las rejas de acordion en las puertas de entradas ofrecen acceso durante el dia y seguridad en la noche y son perfectas para seguridad en lugares de mucho transito de personas in cualquier tipo de industria o negocio

Las rejas de acordion pueden ser instaladas en menos de 30 minutos por dentro o por fuera del marco de la puerta que se intenta proteger. Se pueden instalar a la derecha o a la izquierda y las visagras permiten girar libremente la reja hasta sacarla completamente del camino. La reja se puede asegurar con un candado cuando se necesite.