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Rolling Door & Security - Folding Gate & Security
Use our Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel Barrier when the ultimate in portability is required. Same easy set up, visibility and durability, these gates come in a galvanized finish.

Barrier Gates allow quick and easy portable access control. Barrier Gates are ideal for providing temporary access control in any kind of area - including entryways, hallways or aisles - anywhere.

Free Standing Barrier Gates - Seal Off Hazards and Protect Against Accidents. Barrier Gates are Perfect for Temporary Access Control. You can seal off access to any area temporarily - for maintenance, cleaning and repair work - and still allow multiple entry points. They're ideal for warehouses or factories, and for restricting aisle access in retail environments.

They're Riveted Back to Back with Aircraft Quality Rivets - they hold up to more stress and they will not rust - ever!

Plus, each gate can connect to another to form perimeters or corners of any length. And they're easy to collapse, allowing open, easy access again. And they're light enough to be carried by hand!

Gates come in widths up to 6' and heights up to 30”. They're very portable and they cost less than larger gates. Our Barrier Gates are lightweight and easy to move and handle so they can be quickly collapsed and stored. They'll even fit in the back of a truck or maintenance cart so you can take them exactly where you need them!

Barrier Gates allow light and air circulation while still providing moveable safety and security. Use them to prevent accidents like slips and falls while performing cleaning, maintenance or inventory stocking. They're an integral part of any safe, secure environment.
Folding Gates are your No. 1 Loss Prevention Solution.

Use nuestras Barreras  cuando la portabilidad es lo mas importante.

Pueden ser almacenadas en areas pequeñas.

Estan diseñadas para ser usadas en tiendas minoristas, en areas de inventario o mantenimiento y en cualquier situacion donde se necesite aislar un area.

Facil de usar, permite la visibilidad y es muy durable. Estos acordiones vienen en color galvanizado.
Las rejas de acordion son la solucion numero 1 para prevenir perdidas
We offer the industry’s ONLY heavy-duty folding gates made of Rust Resistant Aluminum Alloy. Aluminum folding gates stand up to weather better than galvanized steel folding gates - because they are aluminum they’re completely rust resistant- and they look better and last longer!
Aluminum folding gates are the strongest folding dock door gates you can buy. They stand up to weather - they’re rust resistant- and they look better and last longer! Our aluminum gates offer the ultimate in rust resistance, much greater than galvanized finish or paint. That means they’ll be virtually maintenance free.

No other manufacturer makes heavy-duty folding security gates using aluminum. Other types of folding gates rust and require maintenance and painting-that means more work for you, less security and a higher total cost of ownership.