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Rolling Door & Security - Folding Gate & Security
Folding Security Gates
Steel Folding Security Gates, Made in the USA, Galvanized Steel

The Only Folding Security Gates Made With Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel. They'll withstand any type of weather like heat, rain and snow. They also stand up to harsh industrial chemicals and cleaners.

We Rivet Our Gates Back to Back with Aircraft Quality Aluminum Rivets. They'll hold up to more stress, they won't rust - ever - and they won't crack and the webbing won't separate

Folding Security Gates Are Hinged and Can Be Mounted Left or Right - they collapse and pivot completely out of the way, providing safe door openings, 100% clear of obstructions

Folding Security Gates from us are perfect for securing high-traffic hallways or entryways in any type of business or industry. These gates pivot on hinges, so they open in or out, just like a door, but also provide the enhanced air circulation and visibility of standard steel folding gates.

By providing added light and better air circulation you'll save on air conditioning costs. Plus the increased security of folding security gates means less theft and reduced loss prevention costs. And that means a healthier workplace, a safer school, and a more secure warehouse.